Уважаеми клиенти, във връзка с многократни запитвания ви предупреждаваме: промяната на ателие в жилище не винаги е възможна! Едно от необходимите условия е да притежавате гараж или паркомясто в границите на парцела, в който е построена сградата!

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Division of agricultural land

 According to the Law for ownership and use of agricultural land each owner is entitled to ask for division of common property.
  Most easily partition can be made voluntarily by mutual consent of all owners. Co-owners need to declare their wish for partition in front of a notary (with or without a lawyer) by presenting the following documents:
  • deed or decision of the Land commission;
  • Plan of the property;
  • Certificate of heirs;
  • Project for partition;
  When fields, meadows, vineyards and orchards are divided into smaller parts, they should not be smaller than:
  • fields of parts less than 3 decares;
  • meadows parts of less than 2 decares;
  • vineyards and orchards in parts of less than 1 ha;
  This rule is observed and in determining the shares of hairs, co-owners of the land, obtained under the Law for ownership and use of agricultural land.

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can i obtain diversion of my agricultural land for temporary storage purpose for aperiod of 2 years.If yes pl give the detail of fee
Yes, you can put temporary storage on agricultural land without changing its status. Please give us more details about the location and size of the plot so we can calculate the related fees. We look forward to hearing from you.
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