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Steps to change the use of agricultural land with building on it.

 Subject of this procedure is agricultural land owned by persons and companies under art. 2 from the Law for Ownership and Use of Agricultural Land. The constructed building is completed based on the building rules and regulations or is tolerance when the use of the land is not changed.
 The owners of the buildings constructed in agricultural land prepare a notification and file it to the Commission for Agricultural land which on its behalf sends it to the regional directorate of "Agriculture and forestry" (art. 51, par. 2, from the Regulations for application of the Agricultural Land Preservation Act). They submit the following documents as well:
 1. Document for ownership of the constructed buildings;
 2. Document for ownership of the land and valid plan showing that the owner of the building owns the land as well;
 3. Approved Detailed Layout Plan where the constructed buildings are preserved as per the requirements of the Spatial Development Act;
 4. Certificate for irrigation of the land;
 5. Certificate for categorization of the land before the building was constructed on it, issued according to the procedure in the Decree for categorization of agricultural land when changing its use. According to this Decree the categorization is done based on the neighboring land or after an expertise following the conditions and the procedure described in the decree ;
 6. Evidence for tolerance of the construction according to art.16, par. 1 from the Spatial Development Act or for existing procedure for legalization of the building;
 7. The following documents are not required when the building is constructed on a private plot of land - certificate from the municipal office for agriculture and forestry approving the right of ownership of the land, denial or restored ownership as well as certificate for pending case about dispute for right of construction on a plot of land;
 8. Evidence for the circumstances under art. 225, par. 5 from the Spatial Development Act;
 9. Copy of an act for administrative infringement of the Agricultural Land Preservation Act;
 The Regional directorate of "Agriculture and forestry" checks all relevant documents and approves the change of use of the land.

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