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Energy Strategy of Bulgaria for 2020

The National Assembly adopted the Energy Strategy of Bulgaria for 2020. Sustainable energy development is the pivotal issue of energy policy and its achievement is linked to the long-term targets for 2020, such as: - 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to 1990; - 20% share of renewable energy in total energy mix and 10% share of renewable energy in transport; - Improving energy efficiency by 20%. The main priorities in the energy strategy can be reduced to the following five areas: ensuring the security of energy supply, achieving the targets on renewable energy, energy efficiency, development of competitive energy market and policies aimed at ensuring the energy needs and protect consumer interests. Renewable energy sources as important local resources will be inexhaustible priority of national energy policy. To achieve more than 16% share of renewable sources in gross final energy consumption in the country after 2020, the government will use the maximum water potential and other sources of clean energy (wind, solar, geothermal, biomass). For this purpose, the state and municipalities will have an active role and will support private initiatives in the process of increasing energy independence and public buildings through renovation and reduce energy costs by building a solar hot water installations, local heating systems based on biomass or thermal and geothermal energy, etc.. Our efforts will be aimed at maximum utilization of the hydro-power potential of Bulgaria, including waters of the Danube, Arda, Mesta and others. Government priority is the development and expansion of domestic gas in the country. Currently only 1.5 percent of Bulgarian households are using gas. Increasing this percentage to 30 in 2020 and replacement of electrical energy used for heating with high heating gas can lead to over one billion saved energy costs to households.
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